Powder handling


 Powder handling is a broad and complex issue. It includes the following topics:


  • Dosing – precise dosing on periodicial or continuous way. Manual and automatic dosing with high precision.


  • Sieving - many types of sieving and cleaning, including magnetic separation and detection of metals.


  • Mixingdifferent mixing technologies to meet your requirements.


  • Trans­por­tcomplete systems for the transport of powder materials. Using the techniques of pressure and vacuum.


  • Storagingstorage systems, interior and exterior, with a simple system of emptying and loading.


  • Packaging – we offer technologies packing / unpacking the different packages (including big bags, bags, etc.) to meet your requirements.



We provide know-how, technics, equipment, technology and automation for the specified range in order to obtain a satisfactory finalresult for you.


We do this on a friendly, safe and cost-effective way. For many types of processes involving powders for the food industry and related ones, we can offer individually designed system, which is fully automated for simple reliable service.