Pigging systmes - product residue removal from pipelines, and thus its recovery, particularly crucial where the cost of the product in relation to the amount remaining on the walls of the pipe are important in term of the economics of the process.


Another important element that must be considered when implementing the pigging system is saving of media consumed  during CIP process: water and chemicals. This does not mean that the use of pigging a system will allow us to eliminate CIP cleaning, but will reduce the frequency of CIP-ing proces regarding parts of the pipe lines.


Benefits arising from the use of pigging systems we can conclude the following points:


  • rapid return on investment,
  • increasing the yield of the product,
  • lower labor costs,
  • shorter downtime,
  • lower costs of the cleaning of installation,
  • reduction of water consumption.



Selecting the optimal system  precedes a common review of the applications and the discussions between the Multi-Aut and the Customer.  


We develop pigging applications tailored to each customer's individual needs. Finally, the choice of the system is based on an analysis of the costs / benefits, taking into account such fundamental factors as:


  • if the system should be automated or manual,
  • if the process push [pigging] is to be one-way, ie. pushing element [pig] starts at the source and removed in municipal purpose; or two - way, where the pushing element is returned to initial station - after the detection at the destination point [final station]
  • if the transmission line is to be pushed from one source to one destination, or whether there is a need to implement multiple sources/destinations,
  • what type of pipeline will be used for pigging. Typical is the sanitary pipe line from stainless steel,
  • what are the physico-chemical properties, temperature of products to be transferred by means of pigging,
  • is there a need to use CIP cleaning after piging, or pig to be present during the CIP cleaning.


At the moment, we have a wide range of pigging systems based on own solutions as well as solutions from renowned manufacturers in this field.