Pasteurization is a heat treatment process, whose aim is to inhibit the growth of pathogenic microorganisms and enzymes while maintaining the flavor and nutritional value of the product. The purpose of the pasteurization is to ensure the safety of the product delivered to the customer and the extension of shelf life.


Our modular systems pasteurization MAMilkThermTM characterized themselves by modern solutions ensuring full control over the process of pasteurization and are equipped with advanced automation systems allowing for energy savings and reduced losses compared to competitive solutions.


Our solutions focus on ensuring the safety of the product and to optimize the overall cost of ownership:


Energy consumtion automation system excluding the main modules of the pasteurizer in the absence of the flow of pasteurized product, a high degree of product recovery / heating media.


Full control of parameters continuous monitoring / recording of critical process parameters (HACCP) type of temperature, differential pressure and automatic reconfiguration of the product flow.


Losses minialisationadvanced push / flooded and including installations before and after pasteurization system allowing to reduce product losses.


Available options:


  • Sterilization,
  • Degassing of the product,
  • Homo­ge­ni­sation,
  • Celaning options CIP internal / external,
  • Plate heat exchangers / tubular (especially for products with high viscosity),
  • Sanitary/Aseptic systems (eg. beverage production).



Available ranges:  


  • MAT1 2000 l/h to 10 000 l/h
  • MAT2 10 000 l/h to 15000 l/h
  • MAT3 15 000 l/h to 25000 l/h
  • MAT-B > 250000 l/h