CIP stations


CIP (Cle­aning In Place) stations are designed for circulation cleaning and disinfection of industrial installations in the food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry, which is where the state health system affects the quality of the final product.


A typical CIP station consists of several tanks intended for washing water, the returning water, alkaline and acidic cleaning agents and in specific cases, the disinfection.


CIP systems should provide a quick and effective process for cleaning and disinfection of industrial installation. At present, stations are used with manual selection cycles and the cleaning of roads, and fully automated stations.


There are CIP stations:


a) one-truckat the same time can be cleaned and disinfected only one line,

b) multi-trackat the same time it can be cleaned and disinfected several lines.


Typically, the following steps are cleaning and disinfection by means of a CIP:


a) pre-rinsing with water being returned to the water tank.

b) alkaline cleaning, which aims to remove from the installation any organic residues such as proteins, fats,

c) intermediate rinse, to remove form the installation any residues of alkaline agent,

d) acid cleaning, designed to neutralize the alkaline residues and the removal of inorganic compounds from the installation,

e) intermediate rinse, to remove acid residues from the installation

f) disinfection, to prepare the relevant microbiological level of installation,

g) final rinse rinse to remove the disinfectant, if necessary.


Both the number of steps, the time, temperature and type of the measures depend on the individual students preferences of customers.


 Fiinal clean effect, and thus, proper preparation of installation for disinfection is determined by four elements, also called Sinner's wheel:


a) kind of cleaning agent,

b) time of cleaning,

c) temperature of cleaning,

d) mechanics of cleaning, in case of CIP station - turbulence of cleaning medium flow.


We offer our clients a fully integrated CIP station made in skid concept, which provides them multi function and mobility.