The experience gained in cooperation with cosmetic industry allows us to offer our customers with the industry range of solutions for the production and packaging of products such as face creams, shampoos, and conditioners, lotions, pads and, blush, lipstick, mascara, eye shadows and perfumes..


Especially important in the process of developing solutions for the cosmetics industry is knowledge of issues related to the processing of powders, where we have extensive experience derived from other industries.


Our solutions for the cosmetic industry based on the concept of the skids - mobile modules mounted on the frame, easy to transport after prefabrication, which can be applied as needed in different places of production, or easily transferred to the customer factories in different locations.


The character of the cosmetics industry requires advanced solutions for cleaning production facilities, which in addition to providing high hygienic requirements must ensure minimal loss of product. Normal CIP systems do not always provide such guarantees, taht is why we offer for our customers advanced systems pipelines pigging that allows to recover residual products.